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  • Getting Careers Back on Track at Jobspring Silicon Valley

    Last week Heather Huggins was able to find Franklin the job he had been waiting for to get his career back on track!

    Heather, who works on our Mobile and Embedded Software team at Jobspring Silicon Valley, starting working with Franklin back in August.  The opportunity that she had in mind for him at the time didn't quite work out and Franklin took a contract opportunity on the East Coast.  Franklin soon realized that the contract role wasn't something he was passionate about and decided to start his job search again two months later.

    He reached out to Heather to see if she had any opportunities that would be more beneficial to his career.  Heather told him about an opportunity with a company she was working with in the 3D graphics medical device space that matched perfectly with Franklin's engineering skill set!

    Franklin spoke with the company over the phone and they wanted to proceed with an onsite interview.  Franklin, Heather, and the manager were working nonstop to find Franklin a flight to California.  Once the flight was found, Franklin flew out the next day, had the interview, and flew back East the day after.  A week after that onsite interview, the company offered him the position!

    Franklin was very relieved to be moving back to California for a full time opportunity to do exactly the type of work he had been wanting to do!

    Congratulations Franklin! We're so glad Heather was able to find you a great job!

    That owl on Heather's shoulder is our new affectionately named "Placement Owl".  We were able to strategically steal the owl in a heated game of White Elephant during our holiday party.  He will now signify each job seeker we place at a company by residing on the recruiters desk.  Heather got to be the first to break in our Placement Owl.


    How to Contact Heather:

    Twitter: @TechieHeather

    Phone: (408) 418-1520

    Email: [email protected]

  • Jobspring Orange County's Open Source Ladies are Rocking

    This week Jobspring Orange County's Open Source team has gotten both a PHP Developer and a LAMP/PHP/Perl Developer new positions here in sunny Orange County!

    Allie Zachariades started working with Arielle about 2 months ago and she's been going out to a ton of interviews.  Last week she had a final interview with a up and coming web development company and they loved her!  Arielle starts in 2013 and couldn't be more excited about her new job!

    Manager of the Open Source team, Jen Setter, got the call yesterday that her PHP Developer Yangmun was a hit with an interactive media company and he accepted the job!  

    Allie and Jen


    Contact Us:

    Twitter: @JobspringOC  @JenSetter  @OCTechJobsSD

    Phone: (949) 553-4200


  • Changing Gears in Careers at Jobspring Philadelphia!

    Just two weeks ago our recruiter Sam, from our Infrastructure team, met with a talented job seeker named Dave. Dave he was a Senior Systems Engineer who was looking to change gears and become a Senior Network Engineer.

    Our client, a leader in electronic payment processing, was looking for a Cisco engineer who would make a great fit to the company’s culture and environment. Dave is a great guy and has an awesome personality, so we couldn't wait to introduce him to our client.

    After just 2 interviews, Mike felt that Dave would be just the guy for their Sr. Network Engineer position, and he starts his new job in the coming weeks!

    It was a pleasure to help Dave find his new job with a great company, congrats Dave!

    How To Contact Sam:

    Phone: (267)765-6100

    Email: [email protected]

    Twitter: @JobspringPhilly

  • Jobspring Recruiter Spotlight: Shane Tomlinson

    Here at Jobspring Boston we'd like to take a minute to recognize one of our all-star Recruiters.

    Meet Shane Tomlinson, the Practice Manager of our office's Network Infrastructure Team. On a daily basis Shane helps network administrators and engineers find their perfect new job and continually goes above a beyond to stay connected with Boston's Tech Community.

    Soon after he began working here Shane introduced our office to the Boston Security Meet-Up, a group of technology security enthusiasts who use our office space every six weeks to hold riveting security based presentations.  Shane also created a LinkedIn group called Boston Infrastructure as a place for technology professionals to discuss articles, job opportunities, and technology in general.

    Shane graduated from University of New Hampshire in 2009 and joined our team two months after graduation. He has always had an affinity for helping people. During college he worked part-time as a Rehabilitation Aide at Portsmouth Regional Hospital, so it's no surprise now that his favorite part of being a recruiter is "Changing people's lives by finding them jobs they love." 

    When Shane isn't here helping job-seekers or participating in a Security Meet-Up he can usually be found enjoying his huge DVD collection, watching football, hanging out in Boston Common with friends or playing fantasy sports.  Despite his all-star Recruiter status he really is normal guy just like the rest of us!

    How to Contact Shane:

    Twitter: @TheTomlinson

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: (617) 267-7300

  • Jobspring San Francisco Wrapped up their Holiday Toy Drive!

    'Tis the Season for giving and we just wrapped up (pun intended) the Toy Drive at our Jobspring San Francisco office.

    We had a bin to collect toys in our Lobby for half of December and it was almost completely full! It was picked up by 2 very nice Volunteers the other day, and we hope that all the donations can make the Holiday Season more enjoyable for some boys and girls.

     Two of our Jobspring Managers are holding up the toys that they donated!

    Here are the nice Volunteers who stopped by to pick up the Toy Drive Bin.

    Watch the video from SF Firefighter's Toy Program HERE. Thank you to everyone who donated Toys and we hope that you have a wonderful Holiday Season.

    For more information, go to the SF Firefighter's Toy Program Website or Call 415-777-0440.

    "The San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program believes that no child should be without a toy during the holiday season. In time of loss due to fire, our firefighters are the ones who see first-hand, the devastation when a child is left without a favorite toy. Donations of toys are graciously accepted throughout the year at any San Francisco firehouse."

  • Congratulations to Dan Urbaniak of Jobspring Philadelphia!

    This week Jobspring Philadelphia had the pleasure of promoting Daniel Urbaniak, from our Microsoft Development team, to Practice Manager in our Jobspring San Jose office.

    Dan has been with Jobspring Philly since June 2011 and was promoted to Lead Recruiter in August 2012. As a recruiter, Dan dedicates himself completely to helping his job seekers find exactly what they are looking for in their next opportunity. He takes the time to understand what his job seekers want and their needs in order to find them their perfect match.

    As a Practice Manager in San Jose, Dan will be specializing in Dev Ops technologies and he’s super excited to help job seekers in the Silicon Valley! He is eager and thrilled to continue to help job seekers find their next best opportunity out west.

    From everyone at Jobspring Philly we'd like to wish Dan on his upcoming move! We know he’ll bring them the same dedication and passion that he showed our job seekers and managers in Philadelphia!

  • Jobspring New York's Open Source Team Has a Team Night!

    As the year winds down, Jobspring New York is celebrating the holiday season with good company, delicious food, and fun activities. 

    The Open Source Development team recently celebrated the season together with a cookie baking party at Sloane Barbour's apartment.

    Check out some of the fun activities below:

    The Open Source Development team gearing up for their night of bonding and baking!

    Kathleen Nealon and Ryann Freeman making some yummy appetizers!

    Sloane's fiance, Samantha Singer, gave the OSD team a mini lesson on how to bake:

    The final result!

    Stop by our office and munch on a few delicious cookies while we help find you a job!

    Jobspring New York

    11 East 44th Street, STE 302

  • Another Incredible Day at Jobspring Philadelphia!

    Last week was a busy one for the Open Source team at Jobspring Philadelphia!


    The Open Source team worked really hard and it was well worth it to know we were able to help all four find exactly what they were looking for! Especially to help our job seeker Alex who was looking for a Sr. Interactive Development position.

    The technologies he works with are PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery. Alex met with our Open Source team just 3 weeks ago and within 2 weeks he interviewed and was offered a one month contract position as a Sr. Interactive Developer.

    The hiring manager was looking for a job seeker for a one month contact to build a luxury travel website. They wanted someone who was really good with front- end technologies and was creative. Alex is really excited to for this opportunity and our Open Source team continues to work hard to find Alex a full time position as a Sr. Interactive Developer. Stay tuned next month to find out what Alex will be up to next!

    Congrats to everyone who starts their new job this week. We're thrilled we could help!

    How To Contact Our Open Source Development Team:

    Phone: (267) 765- 6100

    Twitter: @JobspringPhilly

    Email: [email protected]

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