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  • Tech in Motion: New York

    This past Wednesday, our Tech in Motion: New York meetup group had our third meetup, "Show & Tell: The Story Behind the Startup".

    Over 120 NYC Techies came to see three of NYC's hottest startups present their technical road map from idea through execution. The CTO's from MirrorCityMaps, and Voxyexplained exactly what languages, frameworks and environments they're using and why they're using them.

    It was an exciting, interactive and highly technical discussion about the trials and tribulations of building a startup in today's fast-paced technical landscape.

    Mirror is a new social media technology that revolutionizes two markets which haven’t progressed much in the past decade: online dating and online people search.  Mirror launched in March 2012 and is currently in its content-seeding phase.

    CityMaps was founded by Elliot Cohen in 2010 with the simple premise:  Today’s online maps are great at helping you get from point A to point B – but what about the journey in between? Life in dense urban areas is different than other places. More people. More choices. More hidden gems. Public Transportation.  More people looking for deals. More businesses competing for customers.  More young people. More opportunities.  More expertise to gain and share. CityMaps was created to help.

    Voxy is the only language learning program that is based 100% on your real-life daily activities.  By using mobile technology and gaming mechanics, Voxy turns the media that you consume, the conversations that you have, and the activities you do into powerful contextual language lessons that are available anytime, anywhere. Voxy launched in public beta at TechCrunch Disrupt in September 2010 as one of the most disruptive technology Startups of the year and has been recognized for its innovative approach by The New York Times, CNN Money, Veja, Venturebeat, and others.  Voxy’s iPhone application has been the #1 ranked Education app in 13 countries around the world for most of 2011.

    Sample of the delicious food we served:

    Interested in Tech in Motion? Check out our next meetup, "Rooftop BBQ: Summer Tech Mixer"!

    Join us in celebrating summer at one of New York City’s BEST rooftops bars while enjoying tasty BBQ and delicious drinks at our first ever Tech Mixer. All are welcome to attend a night of fun and networking with tech professionals and tech lovers of all kind.

    Food will be provided.

  • Another Happy Day in New York

    Kyle Vyas, the practice manager for the Network Infrastructure Team, just placed Samoro in a great NYC company! In less than 48 hours of stepping into our Jobspring New Yorkoffice, Kyle placed Samoro in a Support Engineer role. Awesome job Kyle- Congratulations Samoro!

    Brief Review:

    JPNY: How was your interview with our Jobspring staff?

    Samoro: It was very good. Kyle gave me tips on the interviews, which came in handy.

    JPNY: How was our ability to deliver interviews?

    Samoro: In less than 24 hours I had an interview, which says a lot about the company's delivery.

    Interested in learning more about available Network Infrastructure jobs in the New York City area? Contact Kyle Vyas for more information!

    How to Contact Kyle:

    Email: [email protected]

    Call: (212) 697-5800

    Twitter: @kylevyas

  • On The Way To Tech In Motion 7!

    Last night, Jobspring Chicago hosted our 7th Tech In Motion event! We had a great turnout as our all-women panel gave helpful insight and suggestions to our presenting start-up,

    Here's an action shot of the Jobspring crew on the way to the event.  We've had the luck of stumbling upon a shopping cart to help us haul our gear to the event.  How classy do we look?!

    Tim and Cortlin are pretending not to know the woman with the shopping cart!!

    Christine with her new cart of Tech in Motion Materials

  • New York Attends Benefit

    Sloane Barbour, the Division Manager at Jobspring New York, is on the executive board of a great not-for-profit organization, Camp Interactive.

    This past Wednesday, CampInteractive held a benefit to raise money for the children's organization, and several of the Jobspring recruiters came out to support the initiative and network within the community.

    The event was extremely successful and had a phenomenal turnout: CampInteractive raised $3500 and everyone had a great time!

    CampInteractive (CI) is a not-for-profit organization that empowers inner-city youth through the inspiration of the outdoors and the creative power of technology.

    We believe that when urban teenagers step back into nature and forward into technology they gain invaluable skills, heighten their academic standing, and begin to realize more of life's possibilities.

    To learn more about CampInteractive and their initiative, visit their website at

  • Recruiting And Hiring Tech People In Chicago

    One of the things we like to do here at Jobspring Chicago is really get involved in the start-up tech community which is a big reason we formed the Tech In Motion events series. Tech in Motion is an event where we showcase various start-ups and have a group of panelists critique the idea, giving some insight and hopefully help the start-up tweak their idea and get the idea launched.  We are actually hosting one of these events this evening!

    One of the masterminds behind Tech In Motion, Tim Yandel, also likes to share some of the insight that he's gained over the past 9 years of technical recruiting in various cities around the US. 

    This morning, he held a seminar geared towards advising start-ups about how to recruit, hire and retain developers to work for them.  There was a great turnout and it invoked some great conversations surrounding the topics of discussion.  

    Tim in Action

    Tim discussing a snapshot of the tech industry here in Chicago.

  • Congratulations Adam!

    Joeseph Schurig, a Lead Recruiter on the Open Source Development Team, just placed Adam in a Senior Ruby on Rails role in New York City!

    From the day Adam walked into Jobspring New York, the Open Source Development team set him up with several interviews, all of which Adam considered to be potential employers. Exactly 7 days later, he found the perfect fit.

    Congratulations Adam!

    Brief Review from Adam:

    JPNY: How was the overall service provided by Jobspring Partners?

    Adam: Top notch. The whole thing was quick and easy, which is the opposite of my previous experiences with recruiters.

    JPNY: How was our ability to deliver interviews?

    Adam: Great. I had as many interviews as I could plausibly attend. All relevant, too. I could see myself working at most of them.

    How to Contact Joe:

    Email: [email protected]

    Call: (212) 697-5800

    Twitter: @schurigTECH

  • Game Night with Jobspring San Francisco!

    Jobspring San Francisco hosted a Candidate Appreciation Night last Thursday, June 21 for some of our recent candidates.

    They came over to our office for some sweet games like Settlers of Catan, Apples to Apples, Wii, and Catch Phrase. We also provided Togo's sandwiches and beverages to thank our candidates for working with us!

    It was a fun night, and really great to spend some time with the people we are representing to get to know them better. Check out the photos from Jobspring:

    Settlers of Catan

    Apples to Apples

    Snack and Games!

  • Tech In Motion San Francisco Meet Up

    For the second Tech In Motion San Francisco event hosted by Jobspring Partners, we had a Technology Sticker theme which ended up being a really fun and easy way to start a conversation with other people who have similar interests.

    The Meetup was at 111 Minna Gallery and it was a great night of networking, happy hour, free pizza, and discussion about technology in SOMA! 

    111 Minna Gallery

    Some Attendees to #Techinmotion

    Stickers to choose what topics to talk about!

    Sarah & Cat the Marketing Specialists in San Francisco

    To check out our future events in San Francisco, please join our Meetup page.

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