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  • Clouds: Not Just Things in the Sky

    Written by Adam Canton, Practice Manager at Jobspring Chicago

    What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane? Nope—that’s a cloud. Oh, and not just any cloud—one of the newest takes on remote computing services: Amazon Web Services.

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    Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is considered by most to be the Wal-Mart of technology, and that’s anything but an insult. Designed by to be a cost efficient method for businesses to store their information, AWS is monopolizing the industry and making physical server farms a thing of the past.

    Yeah, that’s right you old clunky server in the closet. Your days are numbered!

    By definition, cloud computing refers to the on-demand delivery of IT resources and applications by access through the internet. This uses pay as you go pricing along the way. With no up-front capital expenses, AWS has created an uncharted avenue for all business – from your Fortune 10 companies to the start-up you and your buddy are working on in your mom’s basement – to try out new projects without the risk of major financial burden.

    It’s new, it’s innovative and companies – like no other time before – have the potential to scale around their user’s needs. However – just like when Mufasa was betrayed by his brother and soon trampled to death in Disney’s 1994 blockbuster hit, The Lion King – there’s a sad part to every story.

    Critics of AWS have argued that this newest method of cloud storage is simply a phase and the virtual hardware is a shaky bet to take when building a company. With the typical shelf life of one of their boxes being roughly 200 days, they may have a point. Also, despite already generating hundreds of thousands of users in over 190 countries, in a corporate landscape still dominated largely by Microsoft, the transition is bound to take time.

    So – fine, we’re busted - let’s not throw out those clunky servers just yet. But one thing is for sure: Cloud computing sure is cool. 

  • Keys to Hiring Top Tech Talent

    Written by Heather Samaras, Regional Director of IT Staffing Solutions.

    Boom it’s 2015. The number one initiative for so many companies is hiring and retaining talent—especially tech talent. As reported from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in Q4 of 2014, the tech unemployment rate averaged 2.5 percent, slightly below the third-quarter figure of 2.7 percent. This made it the lowest rate recorded since 2008. What does this mean? Now more than ever, it is an extremely competitive market and companies need to be very mindful of their hiring practices.

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    As a practice, we guide and consult hiring managers to be conscious of why candidates accept offers. Companies need to remember what makes people excited to come to work every day. Of course, the unusual perks (catered lunches, happy hours, ping pong, etc) are fun but this is not what we are seeing candidates change roles for. 

    Here is a list of the hot topics that are getting people to changes jobs:

    1. Challenges: Engineers are usually looking for a position that will challenge them. Show them where you see them fitting in and what exciting problems they can solve! 

    2. Mentorship: Hiring managers should describe the roles that they have held and how they can use this experience to grow the candidate’s career and skillset. There should be an emphasis on what candidates can learn from the person who is hiring them.

    3. Your Story:  Whether you are new manager to a company or the founder, there is a story and history.  What got you excited to start with this company?  What sparked your passion to create your company? Share this with the candidate to inspire them.

    4. Team:  When a new candidate is introduced to their potential team, make sure that everyone is enthusiastic and discussing what they love about their role and the company. Even if team members are busy, they need to understand the importance of hiring and to take interviews seriously. If this is the first time they are interviewing someone, coach them on the best practices. Candidates should never feel like a burden. 

    5. Growth and Stability: Engineers generally want to work somewhere that they can grow with. Be sure to always talk about your growth plans and why you are confident in the longevity of the company. Even if a company has been around for decades, a candidate wants to know where you are headed and how they will be a part of getting there. 

    6. New Technology: There is always a new, hot technology emerging in the software industry. Candidates love to get an opportunity to get training and experience with new tools and technology. Let them know that you see this as an investment in their career as well as your company.

    7. Voice: Candidates want to know that they will have their voice heard in their organization. Let them know that you appreciate their opinion and whether or not you can always make implementations, they will be heard.

    Utilizing this list of hot topics in hiring will make your company more appealing and your job easier. While the catered lunches and team outings are attractive, they are not the dealmakers. Seal the deal with these tips and hire the best tech talent possible in 2015. 


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