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  • DevOps and Automation Unite!

    Article by Steve Vaughan, Practice Manager at Jobspring Partners Philadelphia and Philly Puppet User Group champion

    DevOps– Development Operations, Automation, Cloud Deployment, and Continuous Integration – what does it all mean? Why is everyone talking about it?!

    To be honest, there is not one true answer of what DevOps really is. The title used to be Agile Systems Administrator and now the same responsibilities are posted for any one of a 100 different titles - all of them related to DevOps.

    There are many tools used by a DevOps team or engineer and sometimes choosing those tools can be a difficult and convoluted task. Should one go with the old, battle tested route of CF Engine for configuration management? Jenkins for continuous integration or give Gradle the old college try?

    One of the best ways to go about this choice is to communicate with others in the space – what better way of learning about the intricacies of these tools than speaking with like-minded professionals who have tried, failed and then ultimately succeeded in implementations? 

    An excellent opportunity for learning and discussing is by joining several technology groups in your local area. I recommend checking out to begin. You can also find some devops professionals at Tech in Motion, the national event series that Jobspring Partners sponsors. With monthly events in ten different cities across North America, there isn't a problem connecting with someone in the IT field who will talk tech with you all evening long. Find out more at

    Whether you choose to attend one or all, these are some tremendous opportunities to meet people in your area, learn about the technologies and share war stories about successful implementations! 

  • Why Chicago is a Top 3 Hub for Tech Talent

    Written by David Belsky, Regional Director of Jobspring Chicago

    If you are looking to hire tech talent, Downtown Chicago has one of the top 2-3 total tech candidate pools in the country partly due to the infrastructure and public transportation available. This results in a hotter tech market because so much of a company’s ability to attract and retain talent comes down to their location. People who have skills that companies demand (Software, IT, Web Design) can be very picky on where they are willing to commute to when there are lots of options for them in the job market. The idea that the CTA has the potential to bring 3 million people to downtown and the METRA has the ability to bring 7 million people monthly to Downtown means that you have increased your chances of hiring top talent if you have offices in downtown Chicago than most other places in the country, aside from NYC or San Francisco. 

    This trend is a result of the City of Chicago having one of the largest suburban transit systems in the country. There are 3 million people in the city of Chicago and 10 million people in the greater Chicago area. Most of the major suburbs actually have a train station at the center of their town with direct daily access to Downtown Chicago. A lot of major metropolitan areas are plagued by lack of adequate light rail infrastructure (D.C., Atlanta, San Jose area, Los Angeles). Chicago’s suburban transit system (METRA) may be old but it is huge and already takes 1 million people to their jobs in “The Loop” every day. 

    Find your dream job today.

    We’ve seen examples lately of companies taking advantage of the transportation system and opening offices in downtown – even if they keep their main business center in the suburbs. Everyone is looking for a piece of the pie and these companies know the only way to do this and stay competitive is to stake some ground in downtown. Huge companies that have always done business in the suburbs are creating office space downtown in order to attract and retain younger employees. Examples of this include McDonald's, Walgreens and Sears. There's a huge draw for millennials to work downtown and the infrastructure of Chicago makes it easy to do so. Companies are relying on this to attract new employees to their work force.



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