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  • 13 Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your Tech Team

    With Halloween right around the corner, you might have already been thinking about your Halloween costume - but don't dress up by yourself! Put together a costume for you and your team to show off during work on October 31.

    Not only is it a fun and unique way to collaborate together but according to US News, “these exercises can help employees work on more serious issues, such as learning problem-solving techniques and improving communication skills. This all helps them to build trust, which goes a long way toward achieving better communication.”

    Additionally, according to Great Places to Work, creating a space to celebrate seasonal events, such as Halloween, can go a long way toward building camaraderie at work. The global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures cited 30-to-40-percent higher levels of employee collaboration, cooperation and willingness to give extra to get the job done at organizations with strong levels of camaraderie. (Business Wire)

    So get ready to build your workplace culture and dress up as someone else for All Hallows' Eve. Here are some fantastic examples of group Halloween costumes ideas, as dreamed up by our own teams across North America. 

    Pay homage to your favorite franchise...

    Shark Week 

    Star Wars


    The Kardashians

    Why is strong work culture so important? Read how it relates to your next job.


    Throw it back with a nostaligic costume...


    Legends of the Hidden Temple

    Scooby Doo



    Maybe you just want to be comfortable and "onesie" with your team...


    Village People / YMCA

     Want to join the fun? All 10 Jobspring locations are hiring!


    Last but not least, go as your favorite Programming Language! 

    Chef, Puppet, Ansible, AWS

    Mustache, Backbone, React, Batman, Knockout

    Red Hat, Chef, Linux, Jenkins, Python 

    Building a strong company culture begins one day at time, but it's how top tech talent will accept the job offer and stay for years. When looking for your next job, consider if it's the best culture fit. If you are currently searching, let us connect you with some of the top rated and award winning companies in your area!

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  • DevOps and Automation Unite!

    Article by Steve Vaughan, Practice Manager at Jobspring Partners Philadelphia and Philly Puppet User Group champion

    DevOps– Development Operations, Automation, Cloud Deployment, and Continuous Integration – what does it all mean? Why is everyone talking about it?!

    To be honest, there is not one true answer of what DevOps really is. The title used to be Agile Systems Administrator and now the same responsibilities are posted for any one of a 100 different titles - all of them related to DevOps.

    There are many tools used by a DevOps team or engineer and sometimes choosing those tools can be a difficult and convoluted task. Should one go with the old, battle tested route of CF Engine for configuration management? Jenkins for continuous integration or give Gradle the old college try?

    One of the best ways to go about this choice is to communicate with others in the space – what better way of learning about the intricacies of these tools than speaking with like-minded professionals who have tried, failed and then ultimately succeeded in implementations? 

    An excellent opportunity for learning and discussing is by joining several technology groups in your local area. I recommend checking out to begin. You can also find some devops professionals at Tech in Motion, the national event series that Jobspring Partners sponsors. With monthly events in ten different cities across North America, there isn't a problem connecting with someone in the IT field who will talk tech with you all evening long. Find out more at

    Whether you choose to attend one or all, these are some tremendous opportunities to meet people in your area, learn about the technologies and share war stories about successful implementations! 

  • Tips and Insight from Generation Y

    Article by Daniel Urbaniak, Practice Manager in Jobspring Silicon Valley.

    Recently, Tech in Motion: Silicon Valley hosted the largest event in its history, featuring four members of this years’ Forbes 30 under 30 at the Microsoft building in Mountain View. With over 300 attendees, the house was packed to see Robert Scoble, American blogger, technology evangelist, and published author and Perri Gorman, CEO of moderate four young success stories of Silicon Valley: Morgan Knutson, Chief Product Designer at Dropbox, Lisa Falzone, CEO and co-founder of Revel Systems, Steven Eidelman, Co-founder of Whistle, and AJ Forsythe, Co-founder and CEO of iCracked.

    The night opened with a few crowd-sourced questions to warm up the panel and engage the audience. Topics ranged from, “how did you go about raising money when you first started” to “what was it like making your first real hire”. Many of the answers left the crowd inspired while providing them with a humbling look into the successes and failures of a group no older than 29. Throughout the presentation, there were three moments during the meetup that really stuck with me.

    The first was a conversation that started backstage – Generation Y, and what it's like running a company in the age of entitlement. Being in that generation and having complained about my generation (I’m sure someone has complained about me at some point, as well) I was very curious about what the group would have to say. There was definitely agreement across the board, entitlement is something that they deal with while running their respective companies. However, the conversation turned from a generalization of Generation Y to finding people who are inspired. The group talked about what it was like starting their companies and how there were many times when they could have walked away. The desire to take nothing and make it into something was what kept them motivated. AJ even made the joke that every night he goes to bed pulling out his hair but every morning he wakes up and can’t wait to get to work. He’s 26, by the way, and has over 300 full time employees and twice that working as contractors.

    “Fake it till you make it” was a phrase that was enjoyed by the crowd, you could tell because it was tweeted on our rolling twitter feed 10+ times. The message boiled down to the idea that when you're new at something and you've never experienced certain situations in the business world, it's important to keep working until the unfamiliar becomes familiar. The panel all shared their personal anecdotes on times in their careers where they needed to project an air of confidence while going through specific experiences for the first time. Lisa even shared that she started selling her product before it was even fully created.

    The final piece was actually the last question that was asked by a member of the audience. It was so spot-on, that if I wasn't involved with the organizing of the event, I would have thought it was planted. Erik Finman, who cashed in $100,000 in Bitcoins to launch his own education startup called Botangled, stood up and asked what kind of advice you would give a fifteen year old programmer and entrepreneur who just moved from Idaho to try and get his first company off the ground. Fifteen!!! The group shared some words of wisdom, but the two common themes were to have as much fun as possible with the company, and to learn as much as possible. There was even a joke or two thrown in there that he needed to sit on the stage with the rest of the group.

    After the presentation, many of the audience members stuck around to network. The overwhelming theme when discussing the panel was inspiration. Whether you want to start your own company, take the first or next step in your career, or learn to better manage your team, there was something for everyone to take home and implement in their everyday lives.

  • Instant Gratification is Holding You Back: It’s Okay to Smell the Roses

    Written by Daniel Urbaniak, Practice Manager in Jobspring Silicon Valley

    Type, type, dial, hang up, voicemail… email, email, dial, “Hello, how are you?” “Let’s make it happen”, type, dial, email, “How can you help me right now?” Repeat.

    Sound familiar?

    As a culture we’ve grown ever more reliant on instant gratification. Understandably so, with a constant race to see who can get there first and how you can help me this second. Work and life is becoming progressively faster-paced, and details begin to blur together. Magnify that by 10 if you are in sales, and you have a recipe for missing important details.

    As a Sales Manager, I fall into this trap way too often, as I’m sure most of you do as well. Sure, moving quickly, delivering on due dates, hitting numbers and constant hustle are the name of the game. However, it becomes necessary to look at the big picture before you become the hamster who is addicted to running on its wheel. Once in a while, we need to slow down, take a look around and see where we can add value, even if it doesn’t directly impact our bottom lines.

    In February, I received an email from an Afi Bryant, Career Service Advisor at The Art Institute of California- Silicon Valley. What caught my eye was Afi’s title, Career Service Advisor for a local Art Institute. I knew Afi was reaching out on behalf of her students; there would be no purple unicorn resume here.

    In Silicon Valley, our services are not typically used for entry-level candidates and at the time I knew I wouldn’t be much help to Afi for finding open positions for her students. Then I remembered how daunting it was for me to graduate college and think, “What in the world am I going to do now?” So I stopped, asked the office if anyone knew of any entry-level positions, and as I imagined, crickets ensued. I decided to just give Afi a call.

    The conversation was immediately better than expected. Afi was a native of the same area I relocated from roughly a year before, and we ended up talking at length about a quarterly event that they hold, where local tech companies stop by for two or three hours to sit down with soon-to-be graduates to discuss interviewing best practices, job search techniques, and general feedback on their portfolios. It sounded like a great way to give back to the community, so I volunteered us right away. After the event, we realized that not only was this something that we’d like to continue to do as an organization, but that the Art Institute had a great space for events.

    One month later, the Art Institute was host to the largest Tech in Motion: Silicon Valley event in its history. 320 attendees packed the Art Institute for the ‘Women in Tech Panel’ event which featured Perri GormanKimber LockhartSophia PerlLisa FalzoneMarissa Louie, and Ewa Ding. Not only was this very rewarding for all 320 attendees and the technical individuals on campus, but it also allowed the culinary students to display their talents. (Thanks for the food, guys!)

    The relationship with the Art Institute has continued to grow, and in fact, this post was inspired by Afi calling in yesterday, three months after our initial interaction. An email which ordinarily may have been overlooked will add to the success of a growing event series, and a rewarding experience for both our staff and those students that attend the Art Institute.

    The next time that you find yourself calling and emailing away, focusing on instant gratification, don’t forget to look at the big picture.

  • Jobspring New York Offers Career Advice to Recent Grads

    Our Jobspring New York team recently utilized their skills and knowledge about the NY tech job market to help recent graduates of a non-profit organization, Per Scholas, get a head start on their career search. 

    What is Per Scholas?

    Per Scholas is a national nonprofit organization that breaks the cycle of poverty by providing technology education, access, training and job placement services for people in low-income communities. 


    How did we help?

    For many Per Scholas students, they either do not have any job search experience whatsoever or do not have job search experience for the IT field. Our network infrastructure team worked to close this gap with the students. 

    We trained more than ten students on how to build an effective resume, where to start your job search, how to utilize social media and networking for your search, how to effectively work with a recruiting agency, how to identify the right people to reach out to for your search, and how to rock an interview. 

    While the students were engaged and asking questions throughout the entire presentation, it was obvious which key takeaways were their favorites.


    Check out a few key takeaways:

    1. Over 2,200 jobs were created in Q2 (2013) in the NYC tech field. This results in a 7.3% gain over Q1. If you didn't already know, it's a great time to be in the NY tech job market!

    2. Your LinkedIn account is key. Make sure your profile is 100% complete and your picture is a professional headshot. If possible, beef up your bio with recommendations from prominent people in your past positions.

    3. Recruiters can be an excellent tool. Pick 2-3 tech recruiters that you trust so you can stay effectively organized on your job search. A few red flags to look out for when working with recruiters: They ask you to pay a fee. They ask you to sign a contract. They don't provide you with company names. 

    4. As many of you know, you should always be prepared to ask your interviewer questions. Great question topics include: company culture, interviewer's story, or biggest challenge of the role. Make sure to stay away from anything negative from your prior employer or colleagues during the interview process.

    We finished off the event with some delicious pizza and beverages- yum! We're looking forward to partnering with Per Scholas again soon.

    Below: Our Network Infrastructure team is getting ready to present. 


    Below: Per Scholas students excited to start the class! 

    Interested in having Jobspring Partners come mentor your community on job search advice, interview tips, etc? Email [email protected]. We'd love to help!

  • Tech in Motion: OC hosts The Future of eCommerce with Tom Nora

    Last night, Tech in Motion: OC hosted The Future of eCommerce at Amazon's Orange County R & D headquarters in Irvine, CA!  The presentation was given by Tom Nora, CEO of neoRey as well as the Director of Startup Workshops.  His presentation focused on the Next Generation of eCommerce Technologies and which companies are utilizing these technologies to the fullest.  

    The event started off with a lot of networking along with catering from Zpizza.  We had over 160 technology enthusiasts and professionals in attendance.  

    Tom began his presentation by focusing on where the eCommerce technology trends will be heading in the future.  In his opinion, the technology is going to move towards intuitive UX, big images, back end JS and drupal with no coding.  His examples of great eCommerce sites who utilize all of these new technologies are Amazon, Gilt and Nasty Gal.  

    The presentation was quite the hit and everyone enjoyed themselves.  We can't wait until our next Tech in Motion: OC event!

  • The Boston Security Meet-up Has a Big Week

    Every month or so Jobspring Boston has the pleasure of hosting the Boston Security Meet-Up.  In support of the tech community our office funds the meet-up, providing  free pizza, beer and a space for security enthusiasts to congregate. This past week Jobspring Boston had the chance to sponsor not one, but two events for the Boston Security Meet-Up.  

    The first event took place on Thursday and featured Joe Pranevich, discussing spam email, and Walt Williams, discussing the hacking risk analytics. The second was the first of its kind for the Security Meet-Up, it was an eight hour workshop on focused on Cyber Security 101.

    On Thursday evening, Joe Pravenich kicked the night off with his presentation on understanding email spam. Most people probably don't know this, but spam is the single greatest challenge to email users and providers. For most 'spam' is simply an extra file in our gmail account drop down menus but Joe explained why appearances are deceiving. Joe rocked many a world last night by providing insight into the history of spam, statistics on botnets and spam, where it comes from and how much it costs, and a variety of anti-spam techniques.  When Joe isn't enlightening the masses about spam email he is the Director of Global IT & Infrastructure at Lycos and their parent company Ybrant Digital and also teaches at the Harvard Extension School.

    Walt followed up Joe's spam presentation with a discussion about hacking risk analytics. Walt touched on the exact definition of risk, how it's measured, the difference between probability and frequency, PERT distribution, and how hacking together 3 tools can allow you to perform intelligent analytics.  Coming form a L0Pht background makes Walt an authority on the subject of hacking, it was truly a pleasure to host him our office.

    Following Thursday's presentations was Saturday's Cyber Security 101 workshop, run by Enyel Perez.  Unlike the other meet-ups hosted by Boston Security this one was held at the thoughtbot offices.  As expected, registration filled quickly and the end result was an intimate group of security enthusiasts spending a Saturday afternoon learning all they could about the basics and more advanced concepts of cyber security.  Here's a list of a just a few things this workshop covered: 

    • Exploitation with The Metasploit Framework
    • Service-Side and Client-Side Exploitation Techniques
    • Netcat for the Pentester
    • Traffic redirection and Tunneling Techniques
    • Network Scanning
    • Pivoting
    • Windows Command line Kung-FU
    • Obtaining and Passing Password Representations

    If you missed these events and would like to get involved with future Boston Security Meet-Ups sign up here or follow them on Twitter @securitymeetup #bossec. A special thanks to Joe, Walt, Enyel for presenting and to all the #bossec enthusiasts who came out! 

  • Jobspring Los Angeles Tech in Motion: The Next Generation of E-Commerce Technologies

    Last Wednesday, Jobspring Los Angeles hosted its Tech in Motion meetup at Blankspaces LA! The discussion topic, presented by Tom Nora, was "The Next Generation of E-Commerce Technologies." Tom is the founder and CEO of neoREY, as well as Director of Startups Workshops.

    During the event, he discussed the burst of e-commerce companies in LA and Silicon Beach. Our turnout was great, especially of people with their own startups! Tom gave our attendees helpful ideas and advice with which they can move forward.

    We were able to chat with Tom and have him answer some questions!


    JS: How did you get started speaking at Meetups?  

    TN: I started speaking a few years ago at Silicon Valley, Boulder and Austin meetups groups about my experiences with startups I've launched and built over the years. I did it to help new entrepreneurs learn what to do and more importantly what not to do when launching a company. 

    At the time I thought it would just be a short term thing but it's been continuous for 5 years now and growing into an actual business.

    JS: Which E-Commerce company do you find most impressive at the moment?

    TN: There are so many great new companies right now. I like simple yet extremely innovative business models and simple beautiful interfaces, so I guess I'd say Even the name is simple. Gilt makes you want to buy and explore and has beautiful photography. Also, amazon, even though an older design, is still #1 in e-commerce and extremely easy to use. 

    JS: You've talked about what you think the next big thing in technology is – on the flipside of that, what do you see (or hope to see) fading?

    TN: Good Question. It seems like the old school, busy e-commerce sites with flashy banner ads are going away. Sites that try to sell unrelated things to shoppers, run slowly or keep asking you to buy one more thing before you can go to the next step - taking the control away from you. For example Go Daddy.

    JS: We know you have neoREY, but do you have any side projects you’re working on?

    TN: I've been working on a machine learning based site for the long term unemployed to leverage each other to find work and compare notes, plus I'm usually advising 1 or 2 startups at a low level.

    JS: What advice do have for someone looking to advance their career in the technology field?

    TN: Continuously Learn - pick an area you know and like and learn as much about it as possible. Everything is a website these days, so understanding at least the terms of web technologies would be a good start.

    2. Start a Project - There are many zero-coding ways to be on the web npw. You could start with a wordpress blog on a topic you care about, build a mobile app.

    3. Learn the Jobs Above You - This worked well for me when was building my career. Don't crowd your superiors but learn from them, hang out with them, ask them to teach you things. All good leaders are always training their replacement.

    If you would like to join us at our next Tech in Motion event, please visit our site for more information! - Tech in Motion LA

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