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    Article by Julie Colgate, Lead Recruiter at Jobspring Partners: Washington DC

    “Hi, my name is Julie. I’m an Open Source Development recruiter and I’m here to serve you. I’ll be helping you find the job you want or find that valuable addition your team needs. I’ve matched 19 candidates and companies over the past year and I want to do that for you as well. Whether you have worked with a recruiter in the past or not, there are a few things you need to know.”

    Tell Me What You Want:

    The biggest thing for me as a recruiter is to have a clear understanding of what you are looking for in a job or in an applicant. If you don’t want to work inside the beltway, let me know. I’ll focus my efforts in Reston. Want applicants with a special skillset? Tell me and I won’t waste your time on people that aren’t going to fit that role. At the end of the day, the most important thing for me is that I have added value to a company and helped someone further their career. 

    Know Your Worth:

    I’ll split this section in two, one for job seekers and one for hiring managers. 

    Job Seekers:

    The job market is very competitive today, and even more so for the technology market here in DC. This is why it is imperative that you know how much you are worth, and even more importantly, why you are worth so much. As a recruiter, I want to get you every cent you deserve. For me to do this, I need to understand the important skills you bring to the table, past experiences where maybe you've saved your company money or increased sales, or whatever X factor you have that’s going to make companies swoon over you.

    With that said, the market is going to dictate within a certain range the type of salary your skills command. This is where I can be of value to you. I'm an expert on the market from working with job seekers with similar backgrounds to yours and with the types of companies you want to work for. While I'm always going to work to get you the highest salary possible, part of my job is tempering expectations if I don’t believe I can get you the amount you're asking for. What I can help you with though, is finding a job that will allow you to gain the skills and experience needed to command that higher salary down the road.

    Hiring Managers: 

    Time is Money. How much is your time worth? This is where I'm valuable to your organization. Finding the type of talent you need, researching the market to understand which skillsets your budget will afford, figuring out if a person is going to fit in with your company culture - this is how I spend my day. It takes up a lot of time. Time you'd probably rather spend developing and perfecting your product.

    I’m a resource for you to utilize. You can tell me what you have budgeted, and I’ll be able to tell you what type of talent I’ll be able to find for you. Conversely, if you give me a description of the type of candidate you're looking for, I'll be able tell you what you can expect to pay.

    Communication is Key:

    What I need from you is a constant flow of communication. I need you to ask questions when you have them and be responsive when I have them. This comes back to “time is money”. The tech market is very dynamic and changes quickly, so the more constant our communication, the quicker we can fill your position (or find you a new job), and the bigger the advantage you'll have over your competitors.

    Help Me Help You:

    What it boils down to is this: help me help you. If you are a candidate, I want to find you an opportunity where your skills are fully utilized and where you are compensated appropriately based on what your skills and the market dictates. For hiring managers, I want to save you time and help you build an all-star team that will help your business grow.


    To hear more from Julie, follow her on Twitter @jccolgate

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