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  • Mapping Out Your Job Search

    Article by Keith Wilson, Lead Recruiter in Jobspring Philadelphia

    Keith Wilson Jobspring PhiladelphiaAlmost everyone has looked for a job at some point in their life. No matter what the position was, you had certain goals or expectations that had to be met. These were the deciding factors on whether you applied to or interviewed for a position. Your search criteria create the road map to you hopefully finding the position of your dreams. But sometimes, that’s exactly what it is – just a dream.

    As a recruiter, these objectives act as a guide when we navigate the open market on your behalf. We use these expectations to tell your story to hiring managers. I’ve worked with hundreds of jobsearch hopefuls that had an ideal position already drawn up in their heads, which is great. But are these goals realistic? And which of them are the most important?

    That is one of the tougher questions I ask the job seekers that I represent. What is the most important factor in your search? Take a seat, write down why you are looking for a new job and hang onto that list for when you begin to interview. It can be easy to lose sight of the real reasons you're looking, which is why a checklist can be really helpful.

    Evaluate your reason(s) for leaving and rate your “Top 5” components for a new position. The benchmarks for these could be things like location, stability, money, growth, technology, etc. The goal of this exercise is to keep your job search grounded. Not every position is going to align perfectly with the ideal in your head, but it may hit on a few key selling points.

    Weigh the pros of the position you're considering versus other interviews you’ve had or even your current job. If that new offer hits on three or more, then it’s clearly a position worth accepting. Don’t get into a situation where you are rejecting opportunities because it’s not the “perfect” fit. It’s rare to find a job where you can lead, make six figures, work flexible hours, and do it all from the comfort of your home.

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