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  • How Gender Plays a Role in the Tech Wave

    Article by Lindsey Jefferson, Lead Recruiter in Jobspring Chicago

    I’ve been a recruiter with Jobspring Partners for over two years, and in my time here, I’ve seen that the tech wave has brought on some pretty significant changes to the workforce; and I don’t mean the endless lists of open positions on company career pages. The influx has brought women to the table in a big way.

    It used to be the status quo for women to stay home and care for their children and husbands. “Working women” usually played the role as doting assistant to the CEO or Director. Obviously, women are now encouraged to choose whichever life path seems right for them, instead of blindly embracing societal expectations. The state of affairs has thankfully changed, but to what extent?

    It is pretty widely accepted for women to be in the working world these days, but there have also been changes in other wonderful ways. At present, it is not uncommon for women to be at the director level of any company, small or large. Furthermore, when it comes to salaries for women in specific industries, there is absolutely no gender gap in wages, according to a recent article posted by Cynthia Than. In her article, referenced here, she outlines that new research has shown that statistically, there is no difference in earnings when it comes to males and females that have made the same career choices and exhibit the same qualifications. Engineers, nurses, administrative assistants, social services professionals, life sciences and TECH (!) employees can all expect equal earnings. See the happy news illustrated on the chart below: 


    This is something that I’ve been able to see firsthand in Chicago. Within the tech sector, salaries remain consistent across genders. According to the article, “Despite strong evidence suggesting gender pay equality, there is still a general perception that women earn less than men do, and this perception is just one more factor discouraging women from entering the tech space.” As a tech recruiter, I hope we can do something to change this perception and we do start seeing more women entering the field.

    At a Tech in Motion event last month, a tech event series that Jobspring sponsors, we invited a panel of C-level executives to speak about taking their organizations out of the startup phase and into the success phase. Women were majorly represented on this panel. To be specific, three out of the five speakers were women, and this included the moderator. The ladies in the spotlight were the CEOs of popular Chicago companies JellyVisionGiveForward, and BuiltInChicago. Without even trying, we nearly held a “women in tech” panel and had our largest event to date, with almost 350 people in attendance. It was fascinating and inspiring to see passionate women in these leadership roles.

    Ultimately, ladies have come a long way since the days of only seeing aprons and feather dusters in their futures. The fact that women are now in the position to compete for high-level roles with men in the tech space is just the cherry on top. Hopefully, the promise of equal pay and available positions will continue to attract talented women to the tech industry.

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