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  • 4 Reasons Your Next Tech Job Should Be Corporate

    All over the country, small startups are providing incredible benefits like unlimited vacation time, pet friendly offices, and rooms filled with every possible type of snack. Has working at a corporation come to feel passé? Consider these four benefits of working at a giant company while deciding the next steps in your professional journey.

    Benefit 1: Working with technology at an enterprise level

    As a general rule, corporations have more money. Large companies can invest in incredible multi-million dollar projects, the scope of which is much larger than what you’ll experience at a startup. This involves investing in the hardware and software that less well-funded businesses can’t necessarily afford. Additionally, a larger company can provide resources that go beyond inanimate objects; it also means being able to bring on more contractors to meet a project deadline or additional tech professionals to grow your team.

    Benefit 2: Building a larger professional network

    Instead of working at a company with 20 people, you'll be working with 40 professionals in your department - not to mention other areas of the business. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about other departments and potentially even pivot. Overall, you have a lot more options, whether you’re looking for a mentor at the company, a different team to join, or a position in management.

    Benefit 3: It looks amazing on a resume

    Isn’t it nice to say where you work and have the name recognized and respected? Working for a Fortune 500 company is like wearing the brand name instead of a local designer, and you’ll get more credibility in more circles for it by sheer reputation. It also gives an immediate idea of what you’ve worked on, especially since most corporations tend to have narrower roles, as opposed to wearing many hats in one. Plus, once you’ve worked at a big company, you can go practically anywhere that uses the technology you’ve worked in, whether it's a startup or corporation.

    Benefit 4: Learn more about all aspects of business

    Politics, Hiring, Performance, KPIs, Profits, Responsibility à All are tracked by multiple departments. By learning more about these metrics, it can help you in the long run. If you would ever want to start your own company, you'll have had more exposure than you think. Your department head is frequently responsible for juggling many pieces of the business, and it trickles down to all corporate employees. Additionally, there is more opportunity to build your management experience at a large company, which is a vital skill for any businessperson. 

    Overall, it’s best to have a mix of large and small companies on your resume. It will help you broaden your background and give you more options when you decide it's time for that next move in your professional career. 

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